A research team investigating the locomotion of animals.  Applications include biologically-inspired robots and materials.  We perform simple table-top experiments aimed at elucidating new fundamental physical principles in biology.  We use visualization methods (microscopy, high speed film, flow visualization) and mathematics (scaling, fluid and solid mechanics).

Principal Investigator


Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Biology
  Location: Love 007
Phone: 404.894.0573

B.S., Mechanical Engineering, MIT (2001)
Ph.D. Mathematics, MIT (2005)
Post-doc.  Courant Institute, NY (2008)
Recent CV

Directs the laboratory and is corresponding author for all publications.

Graduate Students

Nathan Mlot
a graduate student involved in experimental studies of the swarming behavior of ants.  Particular attention has been paid to structures such as rafts and towers built by ants and their unique properties.
Hamidreza Marvi
a graduate student involved in combined experimental and theoretical studies of snake locomotion.  His work focuses on the effect of belly scale texture and orientation on the snake's ability to climb vertical surfaces.
Andrew Dickerson
a graduate student involved in experimental studies of mosquito coping mechanisms to rain, fog and dew
Guillermo Amador
a graduate student involved in experimental studies of spore ejection by plants. 
Patricia Yang
a graduate student involved in experimental studies of dew harvesting by plants


Dana Foster
(Love 105, Ph: 404.385.7059)

a 2-year old red toy poodle bred from champions. He made his first international appearance on Good Morning America in 2010.

Undergraduate researchers

Tim Nowack  lab photographer

K-12 (elementary - high school) researcher

Dawn Adams (teacher, Wheeler High School)

Lab Alumni
2010 M.S. Will Hobbs, studied vortex shedding in piezoelectric devices and currently working for GE.
2010 M.S. Thomas Mulcahey, studied cricket audition and currently a graduate student in our department.

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October 2009

Summer 2010